Comparing Properties

Comparing Properties

Comparing Properties assists you as a buyer.  For help with your real estate needs, please Contact Mark Mackin, Attorney at Law in Montana.

A Multilisting (MLS) Realtor has access to many properties, not just their own contracted seller listing. 

Ask about the undesirable aspects of the property as well as the positive aspects.  Overall condition is important, including water and air quality even noise pollution in the neighborhood.  Ask questions about problems and take notes (remember the confusion factor).  The seller or the seller’s agent must answer truthfully, but you have to ask unless disclosure is required by law. 

It is not impolite to ask questions in this situation; it’s expected.  Look to see if the disclosure on the property lists the following:

1.  Plumbing and sewage or septic

2.  Water leakage of any type, including in basements

3.  Rodent and insect infestations

4.  Structural defects

5.  Heating or air conditioning problems

6.  Problems with property drainage

7.  Foundation instability or cracks

8.  Title issues (easements, etc.)

9.  Lead paint

10.  Radon or mold problems

11.  Water quality testing for a private well

12.  Known sex offenders residing in neighborhood. 

Looking for a home that fits your budget and family’s needs can quickly become confusing.  Take a time out when you are confused.  Never make an offer or sign any contract under pressure.  And remember–caveat emptor always applies–Trust but verify.