Fees / Payments

Fees / Payments

Fees / Payments and Billing methods should reflect client needs.  The billing arrangement is set in the Attorney/Client Agreement. 
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Examples of billing methods are:

  • Rate per hour plus expenses and court costs. The client is billed periodically for the number of hours worked multiplied by the hourly rate, plus any office expenses or court costs incurred. The rate charged per hour is established in an Attorney/Client agreement.  

  • Fee retainer plus costs.  A retainer is paid in advance and deposited in the client’s trust account.  Fees are deducted from the retainer when earned.

  • Flat Rate.   The client is billed a fixed amount for certain common legal actions such a will preparation.

  • Contingency fee plus costs. The fee is a percentage of recovery, plus costs and expenses.  Contingency fees may be mixed with hourly or flat rates.
  • Limited Representation Agreement.  A client may want to handle their own case, but needs advice or assistance with forms.  Lawyer and client may contract on a limited service basis instead of full representation.
  • Pro Bono.  Actions that merit consideration for a fee waiver because of inability to pay will be screened by Montana Legal Services Association:
                         (406) 442-9830   or  1-800-666-6899