Checking Out the Agent/Broker

Checking Out the Agent/Broker

Checking Out the Agent/Broker. The best way to find a dream-come-true that won’t turn into a nightmare is to work with a competent Real Estate Agent/Broker.  Ask for a copy of their license. Ask about their “continuing education” credits.  Are they a broker or do they work for a broker?  Can they provide you with references?  Does the agent and their broker have a good reputation?  Do they have a record of complaints against them with the Better Business Bureau or their state licensing board.

Is the real estate agent working under a seller’s contract (the agent will be serving the seller’s interest) or buyer’s contract (the agent will be working for the buyer)? Occasionally both seller and buyer are represented by the same agent. Be sure you know the realtor’s relationship for each property you consider.

Real estate agents have a “fiduciary duty” to the person that pays for the services.  These duties include:

1. Providing services honestly and in good faith

2. Using reasonable care and skill

3. Keeping information confidential

4. Promptly communicating offers to the seller

5. Answering questions completely and accurately

6. Administering and distributing earnest money and other accounts

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