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During a consultation appointment we will evaluate whether you need a lawyer. The answer depends on:

  • What is at stake and what will happen if you ignore the problem?
  • What alternatives are available?
  • What will it cost?

I can help you with:

  • Buying or selling real estate.
  • Negotiations
  • Signing a lease or contract.
  • Settling disputes.
  • Providing representation in a civil or criminal case.
  • Writing a will or other documents.
  • Problems with government agencies or boards.

Laws and regulations are complex and changed often.  I can explain or research the law and monitor court procedures, filing deadlines, and other details that the average person would be likely to miss. Do not rely on judges and court personnel.  It is not their job to  advise you.

Second opinions are valuable. You may want to consult with two or more lawyers.

Practical considerations are important: the lawyer's experience before getting a law degree, office location, fees charged, and the lawyer's workload. Will the lawyer keep you informed as to progress, speak common English, not legalese, and take the time to answer your questions?  Do you like the lawyer's personal and professional style?  Can you get along with this person?

Your Expectations  -- 
When you confer with a lawyer, you should expect the lawyer to:

  • Talk with you to pinpoint the problem.
  • Advise you of your legal rights and responsibilities.
  • Discuss alternative courses of action and their consequences.
  • Talk candidly about the problem, the prospects for success, the time it will take, and the advisability of accepting any settlement instead of going to trial.
  • Prepare appropriate legal documents.
  • Act with reasonable diligence and promptness.
  • Keep you informed about the status of your case.
  • Return your telephone calls and answer your questions.
  • Follow your decisions after advising you of possible courses of action.
  • Discuss fees and costs.

My Expectations  --
When you retain me as your lawyer, I will expect you to:

  • Remain in contact including providing new phone numbers or addresses.
  • Be on time for appointments.
  • Be forthcoming with information relevant to the case.
  • Provide necessary information and documents.
  • Notify me of changes or any new developments.
  • Ask questions to clarify anything that may confuse you about your case.
  • Be patient, legal processes often move slowly.
  • Understand that there are few "open and shut" cases. Research and thought take time.
  • Pay a reasonable fee for the work performed.

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